Looking For A Fresh Start?

It’s difficult to live with a mistake from the past.  The stigma of a mistake can carry long beyond the time in prison or the payment of restitution.  It can affect your ability to get a job, a professional license, a loan, and maybe most importantly…the way you look at yourself.  You’ve made a new life since you were charged and you want your record to reflect who you have become.  You may qualify to have your record expunged.

Looking To Have The Record “Righted”?

You may have wrongly been accused of a crime and the charges were dropped or you were acquitted.   Identity theft may have been involved in the wrongful charge.  Still, the charge is on your record.  Like a bad penny, it keeps turning up.  You’re tired of explaining, providing paperwork, being defensive.  You just wish the nightmare would end!  An expungement can erase dismissed charges off your record.

What Does An Expungement Mean For Me?

To have a charge  expunged from your record means that it is removed and that it cannot be seen by potential employers (with the exception of  the North Carolina Sheriffs’ Education and Training Standards Commission for certification purposes only), or credit bureaus. Even internet public records search services are prohibited from disseminating
information regarding your expunged charge and can be held civilly liable for doing so.This means that you are able to state, without  perjury, that you were never arrested, charged, indicted, had a trial or conviction on the expunged charge when asked.   And, they can’t ask if you’ve had any charges expunged.

Do I Qualify to Get A Charge Removed From My Record?

There is a list of criteria that must be met in order for a charge, even a dismissed charge, to be erased from your record.  What the charges were, how long ago, how old you were, and your record before and after your charges all play a part.  We can help you determine your eligibility with a no-cost phone consultation.  You have nothing to loose and a whole life to gain!

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