DUI/ DWI Defense

The Stakes Are High…Very High

Since the date of your  DWI arrest, you’ve wondered…and worried.  What will a DWI offense on my record cost me?  What effect will DWI charge have on my insurance, my ability to drive, and even my credit report?…Read On.

 As a prior Assistant District Attorney for Watauga County, John Alexander exclusively prosecuted DWI cases…Over 250 cases per year for 3 years.   He knows the law and the system.  He knows that a large portion of a DUI defense or DWI defense can have little to do with the actions or inaction of the person charged.  Did the arresting officer over-reach your constitutionally protected rights, or did the magistrate fail to properly process that fist-full of paperwork that he/she should have given you?  If so, the state just may not get that conviction it is counting on…This possibly could turn out to be a nightmare you can forget about in the morning! 

A DWI arrest can revoke your privilege to drive for 10, 30, 45 days or ultimately a year or more!  But were you told that if you act quickly, there are provisions that might allow you to retain or obtain a full or limited license during some of those times? 

Naturally, you may be wondering how to select the best attorney to represent you.  The best standard is experience.  John Alexander, DUI Lawyer, has practiced Criminal Law for over 34 years and averages over 200 criminal cases per year.    As one of the most successful DUI attorneys/DWI attorneys in the region, few can offer his level of experience and expertise in this area.

Please call the Law Offices of John W. Alexander, PLLC, or Contact Us to schedule a consultation as soon as possible.  Your DWI court date may not be for several weeks, but your statutory rights are ticking away and evidence may be destroyed.  In fact, that patrol car video that you are sure will exonerate you may be recorded over soon if not quickly subpoenaed.  Our law firm will work to protect you, mitigate the effect of a DWI charge, and make sure you take advantage of every defense applicable to your situation. 

For Additional DUI / DWI Information, see our: DWI FAQsDWI Avoidance and DWI Stop Pages.

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