Criminal Defense

District Superior Court?

In North Carolina, criminal matters are divided into misdemeanors and felonies, and ultimately dealt with in either District Court or Superior Court.  Attorney John Alexander has the education, experience and skill to represent you to the fullest should you find yourself in need of his legal services.  Accusations of criminal conduct can be very stressful and trying, not only for you as the Defendant, but for your family, friends and loved ones.  It is not often put so plainly, but under our system of justice the ultimate issue has never been whether you, the defendant, did in fact commit the act alleged, but instead the issue is whether the state (the police, the government) can PROVE that you committed the act.  Do they have the proof??  That is the burden Mr. Alexander will put before the judge or jury on your behalf.

Juvenile Defense?

In North Carolina, the primary goal of the judicial system as it relates to persons under the age of 16 is rehabilitation so as to prevent him or her from coming of age as an adult and continuing a life of criminal conduct.  Juveniles are not adjudicated as guilty or innocent, but rather are adjudicated as undisciplined or not, based upon whether they were proven to have committed an act which would have been a crime had it been committed by an adult.  If adjudicated as undisciplined, a disposition hearing is held (like sentencing in adult matters) in which the juvenile is perhaps placed on probation on one end of the spectrum, to the other end of the spectrum which could require commitment into detention.  Once again, Attorney John Alexander has the education, experience and skill to represent juveniles.   

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